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Stinky Sandwich Award

Stinky Sandwich Award

Here is the Stinky Sandwich Award in all its smelly glory.
One may ask, "How did the Stinky start?" Well, in my job like a lot of others, lunchtime consists of shootin the breeze with your co-workers. The same is true with me. One day, I was going off about this, that or the other thing in the news and one of my co-workers suggested I have a radio talk show to vent my opinions on an unsuspecting world. Another said that I ought to have an award, like a "stinky sandwich" given out to those in the news who do or say things ridiculous or offensive things. The stinky sandwich was an offshoot idea from another co-worker who intentionally has a small collection of slowly decaying food products in his office.

What my goal with the Stinky is not just to point these things out, not to just be negative, but ultimately encourage a more civil and thinking society.